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Job Openings

Below you can find our open positions. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for unlisted openings or for an internship at  j o b s ( a t ) m a g n a x . c o m.

Operations Engineer / Prototype production
Motor Design Engineer
Sales and Marketing Director
Finance and Administration Manager
Sr. Operations Engineer / Team Leader
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Magnax is a collaborative, well-funded team working on cleantech innovations with next-generation electric motor technology. This is our way of contributing to a sound environment for our children.


In our innovative and high-tech environment, we develop knowledge and competencies and work with the latest technologies.  But Magnax is not only an innovator with its technologies, it is also innovative with its organisational model. For example, the Magnax team is characterised by self-management, wholeness and a deeper sense of personal and company purpose. We endorse distributed authority and collective intelligence. At Magnax, people are not opting for a job description but are creating their own careers.


A Great Place To Work

Why you'll love Magnax


Magnax enables innovation with motor technology that outperforms in efficiency, weight, reliability, and cost- effectiveness.

At Magnax, we also have the mission to create one of the best working places in the world. A place where people can learn and use their talents and skills to make a positive contribution to the organisation and the world.

Magnax is a place where everyone is called by an inner voice to contribute based on their unique potential. As you work with team members, your role will evolve over time. You are given the freedom to grow and make your own decisions.


At Magnax, we do not avoid conflicts or ignore problems, but communicate openly to resolve them. Criticism must be constructive and mutual respect is always the base of our communication.

Trust and accountability
We trust each other to achieve goals and tasks in the best possible way. Yet, everyone remains accountable for his decisions.
At Magnax, decision-making is on everyone's shoulders, not just management. At Magnax, you’re not here to perform specific tasks, but you’re hired to constantly look for the most valuable work you can do.
Open Mind
New team members are free to introduce best practices and knowledge from outside. But we do not accept old-fashioned practices such as "command and control", bureaucratic rules and procedures, endless meetings, etc.
Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors