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Birth of a New Technology


Magnax axial flux machine scaling 2.png

Machines That Scale


Magnax technology is inherently scalable in diameter, with output torque quadrupling as the machine doubles in diameter. 


But Magnax technology is also scalable in axial length by stacking multiple machines in parallel. The machine's torque (and power) is multiplied by connecting multiple identical machines, creating a multi-megawatt generator. 



- 1600mm diameter - 100-kW @ 60 rpm (commercial version available in 2019)

- 2500mm diameter - 300-kW@25 rpm (commercial version available in 2020)

- 4000mm diameter > 2020

Supreme Technology

gearless direct drive is ultra reliable.png

Direct Drive (= no gearbox)

No additional cooling system required (no fans)

axial flux generators have 98 percent efficiency.png

The highest efficiency by using grain oriented electrical steel cores 

axial flux generator is extremely light.png

Extreme power density results in 40-70% lower weight than radial flux generators

axial flux generator has a very short axial length.png

Extreme power density results in much less material usage and a very compact machine  

axial vs radial flux generator for wind turbines.png

Turbine Mass and Size

Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators are 40-70% lighter than traditional radial direct drive generators.

Reducing turbine mass is an ever-present aspiration for engineers, as it facilitates the ability to build taller wind turbines which are able to harness more powerful winds at greater heights.

By lowering generator mass, towers and foundations supporting nacelles will also be engineered using less steel, thereby saving on manufacturing costs.


Independent Bearing System

In a Direct Drive wind turbine, the turbine hub is often mounted directly on the generator shaft.

With a traditional generator, all load forces on the shaft are carried by the stator housing. This will inevitably cause displacement of the stator, which will affect the radial air gap. This has an adverse effect on the generator's efficiency and durability, and can easily lead to catastrophic failure in the long run.

In the Magnax Machine, the load forces are carried by an independent bearing system, which can be perfectly fitted to the application.

And due to the axial air gap, even small deflections of the bearing system do not affect the air gap.  

“We were astonished when we saw the specs of the Magnax 100-kw generator. It makes a huge difference when your generator weighs 850 kg instead of 4 tons! What’s more, it brings best-in-class efficiency and is comparable in price. ”

Jo Versavel
CEO Joval NV
efficiency curve induction vs radial vs axial flux generator.png

Lowering the cost of energy

The efficiency and reliability of the drive train are key factors in the Cost Of Energy (CoE), produced by a wind turbine.

Magnax Direct Drive generators not only require much less maintenance than their geared counterparts, but they are also much less prone to failure.

Magnax machines also have much higher efficiencies at rated load, and the difference becomes even larger at partial load, where wind turbines operate most of the time.

Technology comparison

Numbers for the 100-kW axial flux machine - 16 kNm
100-kW – 60 rpm generator/motor - 16.200 Nm Torque Induction motor + Gearbox Radial Flux Direct Drive Magnax Direct Drive
Efficiency 80 – 88% 92 – 95% 96% - 97%
Axial length 1500 mm 700 – 1200 mm 140 mm
Weight 2000-3000 kg 2400 - 5000 kg 850 kg
Investment cost €€
Reliability + +++ +++
Ease of installation - + ++
Maintenance cost Very high Low Low
Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors