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The Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux Machine introduces a new generation of electric motors / generators helping innovators in e-mobility build lighter and more energy-efficient products.

6 years of research and technology development on high-efficiency axial flux technology and 3 years of prototyping/DfM in collaboration with customers has resulted in motor technology that delivers 3 to 4 times more power density compared with traditional EV motors.

The high power density brings additional benefits such as lower material usage (cost), lower iron losses (efficiency) while the manufacturability remains excellent. 

Magnax AXF275

Compact and Lightweight

Typical Radial Flux Machine
(example = wind turbine generator)


Magnax Axial Flux Machine

For similar power:

3 to 4 times lighter than radial flux direct drive machines


Extreme Power Densities for Motors

Magnax high-speed axial flux motors deliver peak power densities of 15 kW/kg and more

  • A patented system for cooling the windings, for the lowest possible stator temperatures
  • Dual permanent magnet rotors, for the highest possible torque-to-weight ratio
  • Yokeless stator, for the shortest possible flux paths and lower overall weight
  • Rectangular section copper wire, for the highest possible copper fill factor (90%)
  • Concentrated windings, for the lowest possible copper losses (no coil overhangs)
  • Grain oriented electrical steel, lowering the core losses by as much as 85%
  • Patented methods for large series production

Impact of the Technology

bmw (1)
BMW i3 Motor
HSM Radial Flux PM Motor (internal code EMP242)
Diameter: 300 mm
Weight: 46 kg (no housing)
Peak Power: 125-kW
Peak Torque: 250 Nm
(Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory US DOE Vehicle Technologies Office)
Peak Power Density:
2,7 kW/kg
Magnax AXF275
Yokeless Axial Flux PM Motor
Diameter: 290 mm (with housing)
Weight: 25 kg (no housing)
Peak Power: up to 340-kW
Peak Torque: 480 Nm
Peak Power Density:
> 13 kW/kg
Magnax cooling system
Patented Cooling System
Magnax motors can use a number of coolants, notably air, water-glycol, and oil. Liquid cooling is ideal for maximum power densities.
iron losses Magnax axial flux motors-1
No Load Losses
Traditional Permanent Magnet EV Motors suffer from iron losses due to the large amount of iron in the motors. Especially in multi-motor drive train configurations, the free-spinning or no-load losses reduce the effective range of the vehicle by 10% to 20%. Compared with Traditional Permanent Magnet EV Motors, Magnax yokeless axial flux motors come with 85% less iron cores losses and up to 4 times less iron iron mass compared with traditional EV motors. (absence of a yoke etc.).

Series Production

The winding process of traditional EV motors (radial flux motors) is cumbersome and expensive due to complex winding machines and manual tasks.
The Magnax machine production process (core production, winding, busbar welding, magnet gluing, final assembly, etc.) is done via standard manufacturing methods which can be outsourced or automated.

From Small to Big

Magnax Axial Flux Motors have an inherently scalable design, from small to large diameters and from low rpm to high rpm speed configurations.

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