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A Compact & Customised Solution for Powertrains

Electric Motors based on Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux technology combine the highest power densities with excellent manufacturability

  • 100 - 500 kW peak motor power
  • up to 800 V and more


E-Axle Concepts

E-Axle designs with integrated yokeless axial flux motors are extremely compact thanks to the short axial length and the high power density (up to 4 times more than radial flux PM motors). 

Our motor design allows one shaft to pass through the motor and the gearbox (co-axial configuration). Together with the short axial length of the axial flux motor, the overall axial length of the powertrain (single or dual motor) is significantly reduced. 

Customers can also integrate the active parts (stator and rotor assembly) in their own powertrain design. 


Cost Effective
Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux Motors are specifically designed for fabrication through standard automated manufacturing processes.
We can develop yokeless axial flux motors in several diameters. Two motors can be connected axially to multiply torque and power when the overall motor diameter is limited.

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