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Next-Gen Axial Flux Motor / Generator

The Magnax Axial Flux Machine introduces a new generation of electric generators and motors helping innovators in power generation, machinery and electric vehicles to build lighter and more efficient products.

6 years of research and technology development on high-efficiency axial flux technology and 2 years of prototyping in collaboration with customers, resulted in a new technology for cleantech markets. 

Magnax Direct Drive Motors and Generators have an unparalleled power density resulting in much lower overall weight and size, while the efficiency is the highest in the market (96% and more).

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Compact and Lightweight Direct-Drive Generators

Radial Flux
Direct Drive

radial vs axial flux direct drive generator.png

Axial Flux 
Direct Drive

  • For similar power:
  • 50% to 75% lighter than radial flux direct drive machines.
AXF275 exploded.png

Extreme Power Densities for Motors

Magnax High-Speed Axial Flux Motors deliver peak power densities up to 15 kW/kg. 

  • A patented system for cooling the windings, for the lowest possible stator temperatures.
  • Dual permanent magnet rotors, for the highest possible torque-to-weight ratio.
  • Yokeless stator, for the shortest possible flux paths and a lower overall weight.
  • Rectangular section copper wire, for the highest possible copper fill factor (90%).
  • Concentrated windings, for the lowest possible copper losses (no coil overhangs).
  • Grain-oriented electrical steel, lowering the core losses by as much as 85%.

Magnax axial flux motor multi stator design 2.png

Multi-Stator Concept

Multiple Magnax Axial Flux Machines can be combined in a multi-stator stack to deliver the torque you need. 

Magnax axial flux machines are scalable in diameter 4.png

From Small To Big

Magnax Axial Flux Motors have an inherently scalable design, from small to large diameters and from low to high speed configurations.

Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors