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Next-Gen Axial Flux Motor / Generator

The Magnax Axial Flux Machine introduces a new generation of electric generators and motors helping innovators in power generation, machinery and electric vehicles to build lighter and more efficient products.

6 years of research and technology development on high-efficiency axial flux technology and 2 years of prototyping in collaboration with customers, resulted in a new technology for cleantech markets. 

Magnax Direct Drive Motors and Generators have an unparalleled power density resulting in much lower overall weight and size, while the efficiency is the highest in the market (96% and more).

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Compact and Lightweight design

Radial Flux
Direct Drive

radial vs axial flux direct drive generator.png

Axial Flux 
Direct Drive

  • For similar power:
  • 50% to 75% lighter than radial flux direct drive machines.
crosssection of axial flux generator.png

Independent Bearing System

The large hollow shaft of the Magnax Machines provides ample space for the integration of a load bearing system.

This system is completely independent from the internal Magnax Machine bearing, so you can choose a load bearing system that perfectly fits your application. 

And due to the axial air gap, even small deflections of the bearing system do not affect the air gap.  

Of course, it is also possible to solely use the internal Magnax Machine bearing in cases where only torque loads are applied.

Direct Drive

gearbox vs direct drive for wind turbines.png

Magnax Machines provide high torque at low speeds.

Gearboxes, commonly used in wind turbines, wave energy converters, machinery, electric vehicles etc., are subject to wear and tear and can be avoided completely. 

Technology Comparison Chart

Technology overview for high torque - low RPM applications. For higher speed applications, please contact us.
100kW – 60rpm generator/motor - 16kNm Torque Induction motor + Gearbox Radial Flux Direct Drive Magnax Direct Drive
Efficiency 80 – 88% 92 – 95% 96% - 97%
Axial length 1500 mm 700 – 1200 mm 140 mm
Weight 2000-3000 kg 2400 - 5000 kg 850 kg
Investment cost €€
Reliability + +++ +++
Ease of installation - + ++
Maintenance cost Very high Low Low


Download spec sheet and CAD model of the 100-kW machine. For other variations, please contact us.
Download Spec Sheet
Download CAD model
Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors