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Powering The Future

Let’s talk about in-wheel motors

In recent years, we’ve seen some vehicle developers moving towards powertrain configurations where the motor is mounted inside the wheel: an in-wheel motor system. We must admit, there is an impressive amount of new space available when the electric motors are integrated into the wheels. And sure, these so-called hub motors or in-wheel motors come with certain benefits, but they also create some challenges.

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Double-rotor or double-stator: a matter of efficiency

If you’re familiar with electric motors, you’ve probably noticed that not all axial flux motors are the same. Magnax have opted for a single-stator double-rotor (SSDR) configuration, while other axial flux motor developers use a double-stator single-rotor (DSSR) disc-type structure. Maybe you’ve even read about a double-stator triple-rotor set-up?

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Magnax gets...wheels

Magnax, a startup from Ghent that developed an axial flux motor, rolls from the original focus on wind energy, in which the motor becomes a generator, now resolutely toward mobility applications.
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China and Magnets; a Future Problem?

Since 2000, we have witnessed an evolution in the direction of motors and generators fitted with permanent magnets in the rotor (usually referred to as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines PMSM). In any motor, interaction of the magnetic fields of the rotor and the stator create the rotational force that drives the machine.

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A New Generation of Axial Flux EV Motors

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Axial Flux vs Radial Flux: 4 Reasons Why Axial Flux Machines have a Higher Power Density

Technology startups such as Magnax claim that electric motors and generators based on axial flux technology will be a step change in efficiency, size, reliability and cost-effectiveness versus the current generation of direct drive machines (based on Radial Flux).

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Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors