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Powering The Future

Magnax gets...wheels

Magnax, a startup from Ghent that developed an axial flux motor, rolls from the original focus on wind energy, in which the motor becomes a generator, now resolutely toward mobility applications.
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Magnax krijgt.. wielen

Magnax, de Gentse start-up die een axiale flux motor ontwikkelde, rolt van de oorspronkelijke focus op windenergie, waarin de motor een generator wordt, nu resoluut naar mobiliteitstoepassingen. Klik op het artikel om verder te lezen.

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Axiale Flux Technologie neemt hoge vlucht (Dutch)

Door Sammy Soetaert (Motion Control Magazine)

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Sam Davis
By: Sam Davis

Axial-Flux Motors and Generators Shrink Size, Weight

The yokeless, permanent-magnet topology offers greater efficiency around the motor’s central axis, and wastes very little copper on windings because the motors have zero overhang.

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China and Magnets; a Future Problem?

Since 2000, we have witnessed an evolution in the direction of motors and generators fitted with permanent magnets in the rotor (usually referred to as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines PMSM). In any motor, interaction of the magnetic fields of the rotor and the stator create the rotational force that drives the machine.

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Loz Blain
By: Loz Blain

Magnax prepares to manufacture radically high-powered, compact axial flux electric motor

After nearly a decade in development, Belgian startup Magnax claims it has developed an ultra-high power, lightweight, compact axial flux electric motor with performance figures that blow away everything in the conventional radial flux world. Crucially, it says it's worked out how to manufacture them too.

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Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors