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Axial flux generator ready to take weight and problems out of nacelles

Paul Dvorak
Posted by Paul Dvorak on Oct 22, 2017 3:18:48 PM

Wind Power Engineering Magazine: Oct 19, 2017. By Paul Dvorak. A small startup in Belgium is finalizing the development of a prototype generator, which is lighter, smaller, and more efficient than conventional designs of similar output. 

Inventor and Magnax founder Peter Leijnen say his axial flux 100-kW prototype weights about 850 kg, which is significantly less than a traditional direct-drive generator that typically weighs 4,000 kg or more.

The advantages of the new technology include higher efficiency (96% to 97%, depending on the size of the machine), reliability, and scalability with relatively low production costs. While the prototype will be installed in a medium-scale, direct-drive wind turbine, Leijnen adds that Magnax’ focus is on developing megawatt-sized machines for large-scale wind turbines.

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