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Daan Moreels

Daan Moreels

Daan Moreels
Co-founder of Magnax
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China and Magnets; a Future Problem?

Since 2000, we have witnessed an evolution in the direction of motors and generators fitted with permanent magnets in the rotor (usually referred to as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines PMSM). In any motor, interaction of the magnetic fields of the rotor and the stator create the rotational force that drives the machine.

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Axial Flux vs Radial Flux: 4 Reasons Why Axial Flux Machines have a Higher Power Density

Technology startups such as Magnax claim that electric motors and generators based on axial flux technology will be a step change in efficiency, size, reliability and cost-effectiveness versus the current generation of direct drive machines (based on Radial Flux).

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Topics: axial flux, Motor Technologies

Axial Flux Machine Technology - Whitepaper

Magnax has released a white paper about the new generation of electric machines: axial flux machines. The paper gives a more detailed overview how the axial flux technology was developed, the benefits versus the more "traditional" motor- and generator technologies and its applications in the field.

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Topics: whitepaper, axial flux

Europe Supports Magnax for New Generation Motor Technology

Belgium. January 02, 2018. Magnax announces that it has won European funding in the ultra-competitive Horizon 2020 SME instrument programme.

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Topics: H2020, funding, cleantech, press release

Article (Dutch) Innovatieve technologie voor nieuwe generatie windturbines

Met zijn motorprototype op basis van de Axial Flux-technologie luidt de Belgische start-up Magnax een nieuwe generatie generatoren voor windturbines in. De voornaamste voordelen zijn hogere prestaties, een grotere betrouwbaarheid en een compacter volume. Dit moet u ervan weten

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Topics: press, wind turbines

Magnax Production Prototype

Magnax recently finished the first production prototype of the axial flux direct-drive machine which will be used in the new generation of wind turbines.

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Topics: Motor Technologies, electric generator

Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors