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Double-rotor or double-stator: a matter of efficiency

If you’re familiar with electric motors, you’ve probably noticed that not all axial flux motors are the same. Magnax have opted for a single-stator double-rotor (SSDR) configuration, while other axial flux motor developers use a double-stator single-rotor (DSSR) disc-type structure. Maybe you’ve even read about a double-stator triple-rotor set-up?

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Belgians Build e-Motor of the Future

The start-up Magnax developed a new electric motor that delivers three to four times more power than the best-in-class motors in EVs(electric vehicles). In 2022, they want to start with the assembly.
Marc De Roo, De Tijd, 2020.12.24 -Translated by Boon Breyne
Original article: https://www.tijd.be/ondernemen/auto/deinzenaars-bouwen-e-motor-van-de-toekomst/10273771.html

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Axial Flux Motor vs Radial flux Motor: A Focus on Magnetic Field Orientation

Compared to traditional radial flux electric motors, axial flux machines, especially "single stator - double rotor" topologies, are more effective in an electromagnetic sense. This blog post explains why.

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IEEE Spectrum: This Inside-Out Motor for EVs Is Power Dense and (Finally) Practical

Magnax was featured in a free editorial in IEEE Spectrum, the no.1 technology engineering and science news platform.

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A New Era of Axial Flux Motor Technology for Electric Vehicles

The development of a new motor design comes with a wide range of engineering challenges. The behavior of the motor must be researched and modeled to obtain a qualitative and manufacturable product design.

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2019

Magnax is participating in the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 in Stuttgart.
Feel free to welcome us at our stand G104.

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