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Job Description


Magnax, founded in 2015 after many years of technology research, is a technology scale-up, based in Belgium but internationally active. Last year we grew from 7 to 22 experts and plan to keep growing at the same pace. We breathe high-tech. We design, develop and manufacture a new generation of electric motor technology for electric vehicles. Our axial flux motor technology significantly reduces overall vehicle weight and increases the range of the vehicle. We work with today’s most innovative electric vehicle developers in domains such as electric cars and passenger drones. 


This is what you'll do:

This position requires a combined level of technical insight in marketing systems, creativity for content creation, communication skills (eg. copywriting) and the willingness to learn more about the application of our electric motors and electric powertrains in next generation electric vehicles. We are looking for somebody with the potential to eventually take the full responsibility over the marketing process. You report to the Sales Director.

Product marketing:

• You manage the inbound and outbound lead generation and lead qualification process.
* You qualify the inbound sales leads, select the relevant leads and forward them to the sales team.
* You manage existing contacts & prospect lists and organize well planned outbound marketing campaigns. This can be email campaigns, SEA or social media marketing.

• You support sales with the development of collateral (eg. product presentations, specification sheets) related to the application of axial flux motors in EV powertrains.

• You work with the mechanical R&D engineers to create convincing visuals around our products and the solutions we can provide with our axial flux motors.

Corporate marketing

• You manage the Magnax website (hubspot).

• You manage our company social media (Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, ...)

• You manage marketing around events and develop the support collateral (banners, booth design, flyers, ...)

• You provide marketing support for HR (SEA & Social Media) with prospect to attracting potential candidates).

• You create and manage corporate content (business cards, banner materials, presentation templates, ...)



Who are we looking for?

You have a strong interest in electric vehicles and related technologies.

• You have at least a bachelor's degree.

• You have a few years practical experience with digital marketing. You can showcase past work with results and a portfolio of creative work.

Experience with website design. Development can be outsourced.

Experience with SEO and SEA.

• Software: fluent with Adobe Photoshop and Office Powerpoint.

• Experience with CRM systems and email marketing.

Strong at communication (verbal and written), time management and coordination.

Very fluent at speaking and (technical) (copy) writing in the English language. You have attention to detail.

• You are not afraid of a startup environment.


What can we offer?

This is your chance to join a team of seasoned experts and young, ambitious professionals that believe in the power of continuous learning and self-development. Magnax is a fast-growing company. This means that you will have a lot of impact on the future of the company and your own career.


At Magnax, you can expect:

A sneak preview to what the future brings, from electric cars to passenger drones.

 An attractive salary package with extralegal benefits.

  • Send your CV + motivation to  J O B S ( A T) M A G N A X . C O M
  • Deze vacature is gericht aan mogelijke kandidaten voor de beschreven functie, en is geen uitnodiging aan werving en selectiekantoren of andere gelijkaardige dienstverleners. Als je een werving en selectie bureau, interimkantoor of andere tussenpersoon of dienstverlener bent, en toch een kandidaat of profiel voorstelt, dan ga je akkoord met de voorwaarden van Magnax hieronder vermeld, en aanvaard je expliciet en zonder enig voorbehoud dat jouw voorwaarden niet van toepassing zijn. Als je hiermee niet akkoord bent, word je verzocht geen profielen/kandidaten door te sturen. Door het doorsturen van een profiel/kandidaat word je geacht onze voorwaarden te hebben aanvaard. 

    Magnax Voorwaarden werving en selectie 
  • Indien binnen een periode van 12 maanden nadat een kandidaat is voorgesteld, deze kandidaat door Magnax wordt aangeworven, doch enkel in zoverre deze kandidaat niet eerder rechtstreeks Magnax heeft gecontacteerd of vice versa of via een andere derde is voorgesteld, zal Magnax als volgt een forfaitair bedrag voor slot van alle rekening betalen:Bij de indiensttreding van of begin van de dienstverlening door de voorgestelde kandidaat, mag 2.500 euro worden gefactureerd. Nadat de voorgestelde kandidaat zes maanden in dienst is bij Magnax of anderszins prestaties levert aan Magnax, mag een tweede schijf van 2.500 euro worden gefactureerd. De facturen zijn betaalbaar 30 dagen na factuurdatum. De voormelde bedragen zijn exclusief BTW. 

  • This vacancy is addressed to potential candidates for the described position, and is by no means an invitation to recruitment agencies or other similar service providers. If you are a search- and selection agency, interim office or other third party service provider, and nevertheless decide to introduce a candidate or profile to us, you agree with the Magnax terms and conditions set forth hereinafter, and you explicitly agree without any reservation whatsoever that your terms and conditions will not govern our relationship. If you disagree, please do not send us any profiles or candidates. Introducing a candidate will be deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions.

  • Magnax terms and conditions for search and selection
  • If within a period of twelve months after a candidate has been introduced, this candidate is being hired by Magnax, but only insofar this candidate has not before applied with or been solicited  by Magnax, or been introduced by another third party, Magnax will pay the following fixed fee for full and final settlement: At the start of the employment or the providing of services by the introduced candidate, 2.500 euro may be invoiced. After six months of employment or services by the introduced candidate, a second instalment of 2.500 euro may be invoiced. The invoices are payable 30 days after the invoice date. Amounts are excluding VAT.

Why Magnax?

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Magnax is a Belgian startup team combining unique practical engineering and commercial start-up experience with world-class electric machine research. In this innovative and high-tech environment you will develop knowledge and competencies and work with the newest technologies.



We are building next-generation electric motors based on axial flux technology. We have developed a unique, proprietary variant of yokeless axial flux machines, which provide a step change in efficiency, size, reliability, manufacturing resource requirement, and cost-effectiveness. The new technology is used for ultra-light electric motors.


The Front Runner in Electric Machines

Why you'll love Magnax

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Magnax enables industrial innovation with direct-drive motor and generator technology that outperforms in efficiency, weight, reliability, and cost- effectiveness.

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As you work with team members, your role will evolve over time. In our environment, you'll learn fast.


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As part of this challenge, you will enjoy an instructive position in an international context, and develop with the next assignments.

Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors