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Power Density, Efficiency and Quality

as an ultimate combination

axial flux vs radial flux6
3-5x Power Density

Compared to traditional EV motors, the Magnax axial flux design delivers more power for the same weight and ultimate compactness

range motors3
Vehicle Range

Very low iron losses and optimal use of copper results in more vehicle range versus traditional EV motors

automotive graded quality 2
Automotive Quality

Large volume motor production is organised with automotive-grade quality procedures in mind

Use Cases

Ground eMobility

electric car
off highway5
small truck
off highway vehicle3

Standard Motors


The most power for the least weight. This oil-cooled motor delivers over 300-kW peak and is ideal for demanding applications where exceptional power density or compactness is required.

- Available Q4 2022 -
AXF250 X_12

This standard motor delivers over 200-kW peak. An outstanding combination of power density and efficiency.

- Available Q3 2022 -
AXF250 S_12

Vehicle Configurations with Standard Motors

AXF250 1speed and 2speedFin
Compact and Lightweight

The short axial length of the Magnax axial flux motor and its exceptional power density gives vehicle developers the opportunity to create new and powerful yet compact drivetrain solutions. 

Magnax motors can be combined with third-party gearboxes. 


Examples shown

2-speed gearbox concept design from BMT Drive Solutions

1-Speed single-stage planetary gearbox

Automotive-Grade Quality

Large Volume Series Manufacturing

The Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux design allows large volume production with significant customer cost benefits. From the start, our machines have been developed with design-for-manufacturing in mind.

Together with our manufacturing partner, Magnax will start series production of motors in 2022. All necessary quality- (IATF), environmental-, health- and safety certifications are taken into account to deliver automotive-grade products for a large variety of markets. 

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