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We enable innovations in electric vehicles and heavy equipment with direct-drive electric motor technology that outperforms in efficiency,weight, reliability and cost- effectiveness.


Magnax Axial Flux Motors are used for drive train applications with peak power densities up to 14 kW/kg (7 kW/kg nominal). Contact us for a technical data summary. 

Supreme Technology


Ultra Reliable


Ultra Efficient


Ultra Light


Ultra Compact

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At Volvo, we have been researching the future of electric vehicles for years. It's the first time that I see an Electric Motor with Axial Flux Direct Drive Technology ready for mass production. That's pretty amazing.

Peter Delva
Former member of the Volvo Electrical Research Team
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Multiple applications

The following applications benefit with the compact and lightweight design of the Magnax electric motors:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric aircraft
  • Electric Tractors & Agriculture Machinery
  • Electric Mining and Construction Vehicles
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Electric ship propulsion
  • ...

Daan Moreels

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Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors