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 Magnax Axial Flux Motors are used for drive train applications with peak power densities up to 15 kW/kg (7,5 kW/kg nominal). 

The Magnax Axial Flux concept enables the combined use of the following best-in-class practices into one machine:

  • --> A patented system for cooling the windings, for the lowest possible stator temperatures.
  • --> Dual permanent magnet rotors, for the highest possible torque-to-weight ratio.

  • --> Yokeless stator, for the shortest possible flux paths and a lower overall weight.

  • --> Rectangular section copper wire, for the highest possible copper fill factor (90%).

  • --> Concentrated windings, for the lowest possible copper losses (no coil overhangs).

  • --> Grain-oriented electrical steel, lowering the core losses by as much as 85%.


Supreme Technology

sinus wave.png

Max 1500 Hz, use standard inverter


Nominal: 92%.

Peak: 98%


Power-to-weight up to 15 kW/kg


Motor length from 75 to 100 mm

Magnax axial flux permanent magnet motor 3.png

After 6 years R&D and hardcore prototyping, we proudly present a patented axial flux PM motor design that combines the highest power density with outstanding manufacturability. 

Peter Leijnen Magnax 2.jpg
Peter Leijnen
Co-inventor of the Magnax Axial Flux Machine
Magnax axial flux motor for aircraft b.png

Multiple applications

The following applications benefit with the compact and lightweight design of the Magnax electric motors:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric aircraft
  • Electric Tractors & Agriculture Machinery
  • Electric Mining and Construction Vehicles
  • Electric ship propulsion
  • ...
Magnax HS axial flux PM motor with gearbox 3.png



Magnax axial flux motors can be combined with gearboxes in different powertrain configurations.
Chassis mounted or in-wheel.  



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Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors