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 Magnax Axial Flux Motors come with peak power densities up to 15 kW/kg (7,5 kW/kg nominal). 


The Magnax Axial Flux concept enables the combined use of the following best-in-class practices into one machine:

→ Dual permanent magnet rotors, for the highest possible torque-to-weight ratio.

  • → Yokeless stator, for the shortest possible flux paths and a lower overall weight.

  • → Rectangular section copper wire, for the highest possible copper fill factor (90%).

  • → Concentrated windings, for the lowest possible copper losses (no coil overhangs).

  • → Grain-oriented electrical steel, lowering the core losses by as much as 85%.

  • → patented system for cooling the windings, for the lowest possible stator temperatures. 
Magnax exploded view5web.png

Supreme Technology

sinus wave.png

Max 1500 Hz, use standard inverter


Nominal: 94-95%.

Peak: 97,5%


Power-to-weight up to 15 kW/kg


Motor length from 75 to 130 mm

AXF275 CV smallcl.png

Yokeless Axial Flux Motors 
Standard Range







350 mm diameter

>1000 Nm peak

480 kW peak
@8000 rpm

ηnom = 94,5%

ηpeak = 97,5%


275 mm diameter

>500 Nm peak

300 kW peak

@8000 rpm

ηnom = 94,8%

ηpeak = 97,5%

225 mm diameter

>250 Nm peak

170 kW peak

@10.000 rpm

ηnom = 95%

ηpeak = 97,5%

185 mm diameter

>100 Nm peak

100 kW peak

@12.000 rpm

ηnom = 95%

ηpeak = 97,5%

Preliminary numbers. Contact us for detailed specs or custom motor developments.

Standard Motor Availability (closed version IP67)

AXF275: Q2, 2019
AXF185, AXF225, AXF350: Q3 and Q4, 2019

Magnax exploded view5web.png

After 8 years R&D and hardcore prototyping, we proudly present a patented axial flux PM motor design that combines the highest power density with outstanding manufacturability. 

Peter Leijnen Magnax 2.jpg
Peter Leijnen
Co-inventor of the Magnax Axial Flux Machine
Jasper met eerste commercieel prototype2.jpg

Multiple applications

The following applications benefit with the compact and lightweight design of the Magnax electric motors:

  • Electric cars (inrunner and outrunner configurations)
  • Electric aircraft
  • Electric tractors & agriculture machinery
  • Electric mining and construction vehicles
  • Electric motorbikes
  • ...
Magnax HS axial flux PM motor with gearbox 3.png




Magnax axial flux motors can be combined with gearboxes in different powertrain configurations.
Chassis mounted or in-wheel.  


magnax_with_gbx sm3

Efficient Drive Cycles

(Preliminary) Example efficiency map for the AXF275 motor delivering a nominal efficiency of 94,8% at max rpm (8000 rpm)
Efficiency_Map_axial flux motor magnax AXF275
Magnax Axial Flux Direct Drive Generators and Motors